CanadaBus … on ideas fuel

these days, a potential of ideas exists in every person and it can create businesses, jobs and new life models. The activator for this potential is: the first step + 1 “mentor of shortcuts”.

Traditionally, entrepreneurship has been individual. BUT, today, if you have an idea you go to a hackathon, if you have a start-up you go to an incubator or accelerator, which teaches you how to grow, and if your idea is making a profit you will always find Business Angels groups and Venture Capital firms.

Entrepreneurship is these days a global community in which you can be active and with whom you can share ideas, resources, opportunities or money.

With CanadaBus you do a test drive in this community, with a clear destination: to open, relocate or extend a business to Canada, the country with the most resilient Start-up Visa Program.

Make 4 online stops with us in Canada and see where you can park in > 60 entrepreneurship opportunities + many jobs:

Station 1
Venture Capital + Business Angels street (May 7, 2021)
we are live with Canadian investment companies and private investors. You will find out about conditions, steps and investment amounts in innovative businesses

Station 2
Accelerators street (May 14, 2021)
You meet with Mentors and Business Coaches who can assist you throughout several months to turn an innovative idea into a business in Canada

Station 3
Start/move/expand a business in Canada (May 21, 2021)
Practical details about the opening formalities, moving or expanding to the Canadian business market

Station 4
Start-up Visa Program, Airport (May 28, 2021)
the Canadian Government representatives are sharing the facilities offered by the Start-up Visa program, which is done in partnership with those from Stations 1 to 4. At the end you will know your boarding steps towards Canada and an international business.


Ticket Data

Time:          18:00 (UTC+3)

Duration:   2h

Location:   Zoom

Language: English / Romanian

Price:           free

Deadline:   6.05.2021


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